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[Georgia Porter | Sports Editor]

I would consider myself quite a sporty person, and I like to try out new things and break away from my comfort zone.

Some sports I have fallen in love with and taken to borough/county level such as competitive swimming, squash, biathlon, cross country plus both indoor and outdoor rowing. Others I have attempted and realised that they weren’t for me, such as netball, kickboxing, hockey and athletic field events. We can’t be great at everything right!?

I am always looking to lengthen this list – so when my boyfriend suggested that we and a few of his friends should go to an Active Students basketball session, I couldn’t turn it down. Oh did I mention that not only has he played basketball since he was a youngster, but he also coaches Essex under 13s, works with Basketball England and is 6’5”? Yes, I had a clear disadvantage against him.

However, having a basketball obsessed boyfriend has its benefits as you pick up the rules and basic components of the game.

Now, my boyfriend and I have played some shots and done some drills on a court before, but playing in a five on five game against strangers that were not going to take it easy on me was a whole other ball game. Also being a mere 5’3” had me feeling like I was about to get trampled!

I started off well – I was marking my opponent, not letting them get away from me and get hands on the ball; but what I didn’t realise was that people tend to get very annoyed when this happens. I started to receive a lot of elbows to the ribs and being shoved out of the way.

I understand that basketball is a contact sport but I am really not used to it and it honestly started to get to me. It was at this point that I realised playing one on one with your boyfriend is very different to playing a proper game. So after a couple of games, I had to sit out and do what I do best – watch my boyfriend show some epic basketball skills.

Overall, I think basketball is a great game to play but I only recommend it to people who aren’t afraid of being a bit mouthy on court or coming away with a few bruises.

If you are interested in trying out a new sport for free, visit the Active Students website and check out their timetable which includes a huge variety of sports. It is free so there is no room for excuses!

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