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Should you be following ‘herts_flesh’?

Image:Ryan McGuire

All of us are likely to know what Snapchat is and have probably seen some strange usernames on the photo sharing social media app at some point. But have you heard of “herts_flesh”? Imagine an account that allows you to see naked members of your university and even their own sexual experiences. Well there’s no need to imagine as herts_flesh reveals everything.

On discovering this Snapchat username through a friend, I was obviously curious as to what it entailed. With a name as brash and raw as herts_flesh, it was unsurprising to discover that it was essentially a cheap way of producing porn or sexual pictures using members of the University. At first, I was shocked and wondered why anybody would wish to exploit themselves for no “payment” or “reward” and no sure way of preventing certain people from seeing their pictures.

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Personally, as someone who is quite open to porn websites and “pro-choice” in being part of them, I came to the resolution that there’s nothing terribly wrong with herts_flesh. While some people may view the fleeting “nudes” as exploitative, others like myself see them as liberating.

A third year student reveals how they believe herts_flesh is creating the wrong image for the University:

“It is disgusting, it just goes to show how sex is becoming more perverted, as it’s basically just a student porn site.”

An attraction to the herts_flesh portfolio of images is likely to be that people enjoy this sexual intimacy, like through other methods such as live sex cams. In addition, the people sending in pictures are quite possibly those in the University, which adds another layer to this closeness. As a result, herts_flesh entices people with their “girl next door” fantasies.

I believe we have entered an era where acts like this should no longer be looked upon as shameful, demeaning acts. If you are proud of your body and the things you do behind closed doors, I believe it is up to you who sees this and what kind of attention you wish to gain.

“I see no issue with it, in fact I think it’s funny and kind of gives life to university. Basically it’s hilarious.” – First year student.

I can certainly see why the University may have an issue with someone creating an app which displays images and videos such as this, as some may say it would diminish their reputation. However, as herts_flesh affects a very small part of university life, I see no issue with people using this app to feel personally liberated – as long as it’s fully consented to and there are checks on whether the picture belongs to the person consenting and not someone else.

“I think herts_flesh is liberating for those who choose to submit their own pictures. But I’d also be concerned about naked pictures being sent to the account from someone else without consent.” – Third year student.

The future of herts_flesh is not certain due to how risqué it seems to be and the controversial opinions over its nature. However, the app does not appear to have affected anyone who does not wish to view it or participate in it so far. There are always going to be issues with security and, in the case of Snapchat, people taking screenshots, those sending in photos and videos should also be aware of these risks before consenting.

So though there are risks with accounts such as herts_flesh, and people who will be against it, I conclude with my initial opinion: If you don’t like it, you simply shouldn’t follow it.

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