Shimmying Away with Active Students Burlesque Workouts

[Imogen Wallis | Contributing Writer]

Keeping up with the latest fitness trends, Active Students are offering FREE Burlesque workout sessions for all students, a glamorous alternative to breaking a sweat in the gym.

Held on Wednesday evenings from 17.30 – 18.30 at the RVC gym or at the Herts studio, Sports Village every Friday 11.00-12pm, ladies can try a new method of exercising, which many have never tried, whilst shedding the pounds to both 40’s style remixes and the latest tunes.

There is no wonder as to why women (gentlemen are welcome too) are drawn to this type of workout as they twirl themselves into lean and toned bodies, and can feel attractive at the same time. Following the moves of a professional dance instructor, the class works at a medium pace for any level of fitness, working on core strength and flexibility using fun props to add glamour to the workout.

“I cannot believe what a great workout it was,” said Joint Honours in Business and Marketing Student Patricia Rooker at the end of the session. “It was so fun that it did not feel like we were really exercising. The time flew away.”

Growing in popularity due to its sassy reputation, alternative view to other women targeted workouts, Burlesque Dance promotes positive body image no matter your size. After a long hard day attending lectures and tutorials, when you don’t fancy running on a treadmill, these sessions promote fun and enable you to shake away the stress whilst building muscle tone as you feel the cardiovascular burn.

So for those of you aspiring to gain a waist like Dita Von Teese or want to experience a unique form of exercise that is completely outside the box, Burlesque workouts are a great option to experiment from the norm. But don’t forget there are plenty of other alternatives provided by Active Students to work on your health and fitness for free too!

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