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[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor]

Alongside my role in Trident Media I’m also a student blogger for Recently, I started a discussion with students at the University of Hertfordshire about whether there is a problem with sexism on campus.

This follows a recent report from NUS which found that 50 per cent of participants identified with sexism at their universities. The report raises issues including lad culture, gendered education and sexual harassment. You can read the full “That’s What She Said” report here.

I invited fellow students to share their views and experiences. Whether they agreed or disagreed, everyone was welcome to join the discussion. Some of the things I found were really shocking, others were scarily commonplace. What this helped to do was highlight the bigger picture and problems faced by students.

While a big thank you goes out to everyone who participated, I’d like to invite more of you to share your stories by tweeting a picture to @TridentMediaUK with #SexismOnCampus.

You can see the full article and pictures I collected at

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