Sex and the Univercity: do pre-uni relationships last?

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[Danielle Smith | Contributing Writer]

Coming to university is one of the biggest steps that you will take in your life, but going to university whilst in a relationship is a step larger than anyone could ever imagine. It is possible for couples to survive a long distance relationship, although they would have some hard work ahead of them.

For those of you in a relationship, there was one question that I’m sure crossed your mind: shall we make this work, or just leave it? I’m sure, this is something that no-one in a relationship would like to answer or even think about, but it is one that many people have to deal with. On the other hand, for those lucky few who have their other half at the same university that they are at, then there would be no trouble, or so you think.

I am one of those, who thought we could see each other every day, although this has not always been the case. You have to take into consideration the hefty workload that you are given, along with the new friends that they makes with whom they would like to spend time with. So, how can you make pre-university relationships last?

If you think that they are “the one” for you, and you think that you have a strong bond, then why not try giving it a go and see where your connection ends up? Some people do try this, and they then realise that long distance is not on their side and it just does not work out. Although there are those few that do end up making it work and, personally, I have never seen a couple any happier.

The relationship psychologist Paula Hall, has previously stated that: “relationships whilst at university can last, although it will not be an easy ride,” she also says that, “the relationship can work, although it does depend on how the relationship was before they went to university, and if they believe in themselves that they think that it would work.”

To put everything into perspective, continuing a relationship while at uni can work, as long as you are willing to put in the hard work in keeping you and your partner together.

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