Sex and the Univercity: a sceptic’s view of love

I’ll admit it, I have probably seen far too many “girly” films in my life, so I definitely have unrealistic expectations of this whole love thing. I guess I am sceptical of love. I’m not talking about the love you feel for your family, your friends, or even your pets, because that is unconditional. I’m talking about romantic love and how in today’s world, I just think that it doesn’t seem to exist.

Of course others would say different, and many have told me that I don’t believe in it because “I haven’t met the one yet.” “Give it time,” they say “When you’ve met him, you’ll know just what love is.” They might be right, but what if my Mr Right has been struck down by lightning? What if I’m destined to be one of those crazy ladies with 25+ cats? And what if my life is more horror film than Jennifer Aniston rom-com?

Hollywood has given us all these unrealistic ideas of what love is. How can we possibly compete with big grand gestures of love and displays of affection during massive rainstorms. In real life, you’d get cold and you’d get frizzy hair during a rainstorm, not happily ever after.

Instagram and YouTube have taken this further with countless photos and videos of romantic proposals and couples in stunning settings just to make us single people feel like there is no hope, especially when your Instagram is full of pictures of last night’s dinner and your future 25+ cats. And then there’s those celebrity couples on the glossy pages of Hello and OK! who share every little detail of their private lives with the world. “In the life of B and Jay-Z… Step inside the celebrity love nests.” we can’t escape the love, as much as we may want to avoid it. On the other side of it, there’s the routine headlines we’ve become so used to: “Celeb couple split after just 20 days of marriage… so and-so’s relationship is on the rocks.” It’s hardly surprising to see the breakdown of celebrity couple relationships anymore, it’s not even a question of if they will end their glitzy union, it’s all about when. We seem to all be programmed to think it these days, we may not want to but I’m sure at one point we’ve all uttered those famous words: “It’ll never last.”

Love seems to have become easy with dating apps and all the mod-cons that boast that they can help find love at first swipe. It might well do for some people. Who am I to question it? After all, everyone’s stories are different.

As a glass half empty kind of person though I am trying to see the positive side of things, so with a new year, it might be a good time to take all we hear about love and romance be it through film, Instagram even our friends, with a pinch of salt and place our trust in the hands of life.

Live, laugh, love.

S x

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