Sensational Second Semester of Intramural Football Ahead

[Matt Creasey | Contributing Writer]

Wednesday 21st January played host to UH Campus Football “Get Into Football Day” which saw around 60 footballers take to the 3G pitches on the DeHavilland campus. The aim of the day was to provide players who didn’t already have a team to play for in Semester B, with the chance to prove their worth to the Captains of the 11-a-side league with the hopes of getting picked. Likewise this also helps Captains fill any spaces which they have in their squads; which ideally need to comprise of 14 players.

UniVerse spoke to Mouthampton player, Ernest Didivor, who was at the event to scout an extra couple players in order to depthen his team’s squad; Mouthampton being the runners-up in the Semester A competition. Didivor claimed that Mouthampton’s lack of depth in Semester A was the reason that they faltered in the cup final, with injuries and absences taking their toll on the yellows who are the only team to have made it into the Semester A final three years in a row.

Alfie Jackson and Jordan Coleman, of Herts of Midlothian, were both also on-hand to speak to UniVerse about their scouting missions for the day, and went home early after securing a player to fill the required position within an hour. Herts Army captain, Mario Lamaa, took a more in-depth approach to his scouting, biding his time before going to speak to any of the players on show; whether this will come back to haunt him is yet to be seen.

James Tierney, from the UH Athletic Union who organised the event, was also present and commented about how pleased he was at the turnout. At close of play on Friday 23rd January, 13 of the 16 places in the 11-a-side league had been filled; it has not yet been confirmed whether or not late entrants to the league will be allowed however the Captain’s meeting on Monday 26th January will probably serve as the final deadline for teams to register, what with the leagues being drawn at this time.

Union TV will be covering the Captain’s meeting and discussing the draw and potential outcomes with league organisers, footage can be found on the Trident Media YouTube channel: 11-a-side matches will be taking place every Wednesday between midday and 5 p.m. on the 3G pitches behind the Hertfordshire Sports Village, DeHavilland campus. Highlights of the matches will be broadcast on on weekly show; The UH Campus Football Recap, brought to you by Union TV, every Wednesday from 10 p.m. For more updates follow the hashtag on Twitter: #MattCreaseyUnionTV and like the Facebook page:


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