Self-Isolation Advice from Doctor Who Star Jodie Whittaker

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

The Thirteenth Doctor actress, Jodie Whittaker, gave Doctor Who fans a surprise and heart-warming message on social media, earlier this afternoon. Whittaker – as the Doctor in her thirteenth doctor costume – revealed she was in isolation too (hiding from a fleet of Sontarans) and offered some positive advice on getting through self-isolation, if you’re feeling anxious or afraid.

In a time, where most of the world has been forced into lockdown; it’s things like this, that help people smile.

Whittaker said: “[to] remember you’ll get through this and things will be alright. Even if they look uncertain, even if you’re worried – darkness never prevails”.

“Be kind, even kinder than you were yesterday.”

“Stay strong. Stay positive. You’ve got this. And I will see you very soon”.

Her full message can be seen below.

Incoming transmission. #MessageFromTheDoctor #DoctorWho — Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) March 25, 2020

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