Selasi Appreciation Post

By Aiden Perrins – Editor

2016 has been a bit of a sour year to say the least, but one bright moment has illuminated the autumn. The beautiful Selasi Gbormittah graced our screens on this year’s Bake Off, and won our hearts as soon as he dismounted his majestic motorbike in the first episode.

In my opinion he has taken over Mary Berry’s position of the babe of Bake Off. His chilled out and friendly persona makes him the sorta guy you’d love to go for a pint with. And if he was your mate, he might bake you a cake every now and then; and who doesn’t love cake.

Selasi makes our mouths water, and that’s not just with his bakes. His bromance with Paul Hollywood only makes us despise Mr Hollywood even more ~traitor~.

Love Productions/BBC

Love Productions/BBC/ via

I took the liberty of noting down some of my housemates’ comments during the most recent bake off regarding Selasi. Samir Butt commented: “He’s a cutie isn’t he.” Whilst James Bolitho took a slightly different approach when he said: “He can tenderise my meat.”

Ok, so in week four Selasi dropped the heartbreaking bombshell that he has a girlfriend, and we can all agree that’s one lucky gal. That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna stalk his social media and turn up at his front door the second I see that they’ve broken up.

All in all, Selasi is 100% my favourite contestant on this year’s bake off and the fact he’s also a good baker makes me want him to go on and win the series. GO ON SELASI!!!

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