Save the student, fight the Freshers’ Flu!

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[By Laura Slingo, News Editor]

Ah Freshers’ Flu… Try as hard as we might in advising you how to steer clear of this student-based illness, you’re probably going to catch it anyway.

Freshers’ Flu is caused by completely draining the body’s energy sources and not sufficiently replenishing them. This generally leads to a groggy and irritable student with a hankering for veggies and desperately calling mums nationwide to take care of them.

Here are the general ways Freshers’ Flu manifests itself and how to avoid it, if you can…


Moving away from home for the first time can be particularly stressful, especially when you realise you have no idea how long to pre-heat an oven for or what to do with wet laundry when there’s no more room in the dryer. Stay aware of how you’re feeling. If you’re struggling, let someone know; perhaps you and a flat mate can puzzle away at the domestic problems. It’s a learning curve for you all.



When you’re constantly on the go and meeting new people, you are going to come into contact with some new germs and bugs. Stay aware of the one person in your flat that’s always ill too – cue public apology, yes that was me. Antibacterial hand gel is advised as is the use of a hoover, duster and bleach in your room every now and again!



So this is how it’ll go down. Pre-drinks are soon, I’ll just bung a pizza in the oven. Oh hello, alcohol!* Dancing is tiring. FIREBALL! Ooh there’s a burger van. Let’s walk to McDonalds! 5am, should probably sleep for a bit. Ah, lectures… And repeat. Sleep deprivation, junk food and excessive alcohol are sure to exhaust you. No one’s going to shun you if you take a few nights off and stock up on some leafy greens.  


Of all the things you should be aware of at univeristy, your health should definitely be a priority. Take care of your wellbeing during these early weeks at uni and you should be able to avoid a case of Freshers’ Flu! Check out Alex Jungeling’s top tips for staying healthy!

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