Sam Smith claims to be first openly gay man to attend the Forum

Disclaimer “Swen: The Backward News” is a satirical news column. Any articles associated with Swen are of fiction and constitute as fake news. Any resemblance to the truth or actual facts or to reality is purely coincidental.

[Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor]

Sam Smith wowed the Cheeky Wednesday crowd last week, not only with his fantastic performance of Writing’s On The Wall but his respectable claim that he was indeed the first openly gay man to attend The Forum Hertfordshire.

The statement was met with cheers and a round of applause from the crowd, with only one person storming off in distaste of political correctness. While many found such a statement inspiring, a few members of the crowd were unsure of the factuality of his statement.


Smith was later informed by a member of staff on his break that while his claim was potentially true, it was best not to say things just in case they weren’t, like in an exam or in front of the world at the Oscars. He responded: “Shit, not again!” and quickly attempted to apologise on Twitter, but the WiFi went down. The singer returned to the stage and apologised for his statement, and that he was “pleased to be the first openly gay man to apologise for being wrong about being the first openly gay man at The Forum.”

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