Salisbury Village litter problems

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[Annie Cracknell | Contributing Writer]

I, among many other students who have classes on de Havilland, live on the Salisbury Village estate. Recently – before I came home for the Christmas break – I realised just how bad the litter has gotten around the area. It is so bad that I thought something should be said and done about it. The population of this development is mainly young adults, students and younger families. Most students who live on the estate are not permanent residents, they go home, like me, at weekends or on certain breaks they get in the year. However, most of the rubbish and litter seems to accumulate where the students live. There has been a build up of rubbish on The Runway, Dragon Road and on parts of Cunningham. This is not to say that the students are just the ones causing the litter. However, with the build up of rubbish being in the places where students are living, it is more likely that we will get the blame.

So, what can be done? If you live in the area of Salisbury Village and you walk to class most days, try picking up litter along the way to put in the bin. Even if it does not belong to you, you are helping the environment and making where you live a much nicer place on a whole. As university students, we should now feel part of the community and should respect the places where we live – even if this is only in term time.

You can also help a lot by keeping your own area around your flat or house clean. You can do this by making sure you put rubbish out on the right days and in the right bins. This is important, as I accidentally put my rubbish in the wrong bin and it was not collected! If this is done correctly it will quickly clean up your whole street and the bins won’t overflow, making it a much more pleasant atmosphere.

Finally, it’s important to remember that everyone would much rather live in an environment that is clean and litter free. If enough people contribute to picking up litter in Salisbury Village then we can make the area a more welcoming place for residents and tourists. We need to respect the permanent residents of Salisbury Village and also the wildlife.

If you live in the area and want to help – please join me in the new year in picking up litter on the walk to class or even if you are just out and about. If you pick up just a small amount everyday it will have a huge impact and we will all start to see the changes.

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