Review: You Me at Six’s New Album ‘VI’

By Danielle Smith.

The ever-evolving band You Me at Six have finally released their new album ‘VI’ on October 5th, 2018. Since their prior released of ‘Night People’ in 2017, their new album is something which they have not been prouder of. The five-man band from Surrey, have taken a different route with this album bringing more upbeat pop into their already known rock name, although to keep the older fans happy they open their CD with their popular track ‘Fast Forward’. This single, which was released June 6ththis year, has already received more than 2,439,419 views on Spotify.

Credit: Side Stage Collective, Flickr

The lead singer of the band, Josh Franceschi, has had nothing but amazing rave reviews from the album with him saying: ‘You have to make music for yourself because without authenticity people are going to smell the bullshit. None of us is going into this with any fear because we’ve made something we can stand behind’.

One song which is different to their usual rock style is ‘Back Again’, which has similar style tone to some of Biffy Clyro’s styles. This is all thanks to the co-producer Dan Austin, who has helped co-produce bands such as Cheery Ghost, Twin Atlantic Arcane Roots.

This 10- song album contains songs which You Me at Six are typically known for such as ‘Predictable’, ‘Losing You’, and ‘Fast Forward’. It is a quite a turn for the band to take this route than what they usually do, but with all the songs having a different texture to them no one cannot dislike them. As they were unhappy with their produced album ‘Night People’ in 2017, it sounds as if they wanted to bring life back to their songs in which have more meaning behind them. The new album looked as if it was already going to be a hit before it came out, due to all their tour dates next year selling out within days. The new album can still be purchased on their website with the chance to win x2 tickets to any of their sold- out shows.

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