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Review: Seven Psychopaths.

By Chloe Bransom

Director: Martin McDonagh

Starring: Michael Pitt, Michael Stuhlbarg, Sam Rockwell, Colin Farrell, Abbie Cornish, Woody Harrelson and Christopher Walken

Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths is an absurd dark comedy that brutally portrays a dognapping scheme that gets completely out of control. With all the twists and turns in the film, McDonagh manages to make us laugh and think “oh my god” in a split second.

Marty is an alcoholic Irishmen who is trying to write a screenplay, but only has the catchy title “Seven Psychopaths” with absolutely no idea on what to make the story involve. His best friend Billy is a con-man who steals people’s dogs, waits for a reward to go up, and returns them a couple of days later claiming the money. His partner in crime Hans helps him with this and the two eventually end up stealing Bonny, a beloved pooch of a gangster called Charlie, who will stop at nothing and no one to get back his furry friend. Events unfold, involving murder, threats, deserts and gunfights, which Marty decides to use as a setting for his screenplay.

Critics have compared McDonagh’s work to Quentin Tarantino due to the film’s wacky characters, genre and twisted plot. The over the top violence and dramatic natures of the characters in different scenes also falls under this comparison, but anyway, is it really a great film if Woody Harrelson isn’t in it?

Watching this film takes you through confusing timelines, funny one-liners, fragile male egos and the beauty of friendship. Put on your cowboy hat and get ready to watch the most mind-boggling action film to ever grace the cinema.

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