Review: Money saving apps for Christmas!

By Emma Robinson

I’ll say it, Ebeneezer Scrooge was onto something, with the whole never buying Christmas presents thing. I love giving people gifts obviously, BUT I also don’t really have any money (to give other people). So this year, I’m taking a leaf out of this happy fellows book.

What am I doing? Saving money, by ‘buying’ Christmas presents that cost absolutely nothing. And this isn’t (just) handmade cards and giving my sister back that turtleneck I borrowed last year.

I’m trying to spend NO MONEY this year and get presents for my mum, my stepdad, my two sisters, my best friend, and my boyfriend.

Why? I’m quite poor and really want to go on holiday next year.

Which apps?

Over this month, I’ll be downloading, using, and getting gifts from these apps that claim they can give you something for absolutely nothing. Sweatcoin, Wish, Playspot.


Kind of like Pokemon Go, but not just for virgins.

This week, I’ve been finessing from Sweatcoin! It’s an app that pays you in imaginary currency, Sweatcoins, for walking around outside. You can spend your coins on the app, the offers ranging from a Free Month of Sky Sports for 4.99 Sweats to the hugely unrealistic (but still cool) Samsung Curve TV or One Thousand Pounds in real cash. On an average day I do about 8-10k steps which gives me 3-5 coins, however, the average British adult only walks around 2,000 steps (so results may vary). Remember it tracks your location so they won’t count if you’re walking inside- REPEAT, don’t spend the last few weeks of December waddling up a treadmill to buy that Samsung Curve TV.

*Me, not gloating*

The ‘Marathon Offers’ sit there permanently, taunting meer mortals like myself who, even in imaginary currency, are impoverished.

You can send eachother coins, me and my mates did the maths that it would take 4 of us, on an average of 5 sweatcoins a day, each 1000 days to make 5,000 sweatcoins. So in 2.739 years, all four of us could pool our coins to combine for the 20,000. And make £250 each. Long.

Their more realistic offers at the moment are;

Free Grüum beauty orgrooming kit worth £21.50

Pasta Evangelists fresh pasta worth £12 (bit steep tbh)

Pink Cloud Beauty Vitamin Drinks

These offers vary in price, starting from 1.99 sweats, to around 50 or so, and they change every few days. Its worth checking it regularly because they do sometimes have good stuff on there, they had a free 60 day audiobook trial the other day that I gifted to my best friend!

They all look pretty nice from the packaging, and when you click to find out more information, you can go to visit their websites. From these offers I got my sisters the Pink Cloud Vitamin Drinks, which are lemonade drinks with vitamins added to make your hair and skin nicer (eek), the Mug Baking Box (seems relatively safe and cute) and I got a grooming kit for my boyfriend (to let him know I’m over his wannabe-ard). All I had to pay was shipping, which came up to £9, let’s hope they come quick. I feel like such a mastermind.

Next week I’ll be reviewing the free stuff I’ve got from Wish, and trust me there is SO much! Until then, happy sweating!

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