Review: Leadbelly’s Bar and Restaurant

By Jess Pratt

Location: Canada Water London SE16 7AQ. Such a cool place right next to the waterfront in South London. Can be found on the Overground and Jubilee lines on the tube.

Price: There are a few apps that can get you some great discounts for bars and restaurants like this. My go to one for this particular restaurant is Eat Safe which offers a 40% Discount on food at Leadbelly’s.

Leadbelly’s has a really trendy contemporary vibe with a chilled ambience. The food is delicious and has menus for any time of day. They are the brunch of dreams ranging from waffles with bacon, maple syrup to smashed avocado on toast (I mean who doesn’t serve avocado nowadays, it’s 2018). They have a huge lunch and dinner menu, with a selection of burgers, chicken wings, steaks and my fave mozzarella sticks (McDonald’s you have some competition with these).

Definitely worth a visit if you fancy something new and quirky (and also if you love waffles as much as I do).

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