Review: Beans on Toast New Single ‘Alexa’

By Danielle Smith

The folk singer Beans on Toast has taken on the popular Amazon product in his new single ‘Alexa’.

Beans on Toast, A.K.A Jay McAllister, has smashed it yet again with his new single ‘Alexa’ which was released 1st November 2018. The entertaining, drunk political singer takes a hit on Amazon’s prime product Alexa, by asking if privacy is really still a thing of today. “Bugging out houses in the name of convenience” is a line in the song that really portrays what people are doing in their homes today. Do we still have privacy? The Essex musician has always been known for singing about what he believes in and stating the facts that start people right in the face. Starting with the fast folk/punk beat it feels as if he is trying to give us a quick low down on how big and widely known Amazon has become.

“I remember when privacy used to be important”

The song states that Amazon first started off as a small bookshop, now you can literally complete a food shop and shop for shoes all in the same place!  Will it be as big as tAmazonzon jungle one day? ‘Alexa’ is his 2ndsingle from his new Album ‘Bird in the Hand’, which is soon to be released on the 1st December 2018. Unlike some of his other albums produced by Ben Lovett (From Mumford and Sons), this album has started to take a different route. He focuses more on his newborn girl, his father and happiness in the world. The release of his new album this year is a big milestone as it commemorates his 10thsolo album since the start of his career in 2005.

Well, personally I can’t wait to hear more from the man himself with his new album release just on the horizon.

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