Review: Arctic Monkeys 9th September at London 02

By Chloe Bransom

The group’s first arena show in many years after a five-year hiatus, possibly the UK’s favourite indie band, Arctic Monkeys, made their London comeback on 9th September 2018 with a sold-out show.

(Alex Turner – Photography: Chloe Bransom)

With the background of the stage flashing, the new album’s token red alarm, the crowd went absolutely wild as the long-awaited group entered the stage and went straight into “Four Out Of Five”. The whole arena sang along to the album’s single as Alex Turner did what he does best and pranced around the stage performing with his wild hand and arm gestures that get the crowd going.

(Alex Turner – Photography: Chloe Bransom)

Addressing the crowd after two or three songs, we hear some of Alex’s weird/favourite phrases that he loves to use when talking to the audience. The crowd in the front were still raving and got particularly violent when the band began to play some of their old songs like “Do Me A Favour” and “Brianstorm”.

(Matt Helders – Photography: Chloe Bransom)

Mr Turner finally sat down at his piano and introduced to the audience his best friend and The Last Shadow Puppets partner, Miles Kane. At this point, the crowd was so incredibly loud the first few cords of “505” couldn’t even be properly heard.

(Jamie Cook – Photography: Chloe Bransom)

Miles left the stage after the one song, and the group continued to play songs from both their old albums and the new album, with the crowd passionately singing along to every single song, and even the songs riffs, especially a much-loved favourite “Do I Wanna Know?”

(Nick O’Malley – Photography: Chloe Bransom)

Coming back for the obligatory encore, the band played one of their new songs “Star Treatment”, where they brought down a huge glittering cube from the ceiling to pirouette through the song. They followed this up with “Arabella” and “R U Mine?” which got the crowd so happy that the lyrics to “R U Mine” could clearly be heard by the crowd screaming the words at the band. Walking off the stage, everybody wanted more but were hit with the reality that the set was done, and this could very well be the last time we see Arctic Monkeys in the UK for another few long years. Not to mention the few people, including myself, who at the end stood at the stage yelling “play Mardy Bum!” as every dedicated fan would.

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