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Review: A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships

By Kira Evans.

 The 1975 are renowned for their quirky mixture of synth-pop and indie sounds but the release of their third studio album marks a new type of sound for the band. The trilogy of albums is supposed to depict frontman Matty Healy’s life as he progresses from a teen into newfound pop stardom and now finding himself musically and drawing from an assortment of his favourite artists.

When you thought The 1975 had already exhausted all the drug references and relationship woes there could be; they hit us harder than ever before. Leaving us listeners caught up in the band’s delirium and questioning our own beliefs A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships allows us to experience, yet escape, the problems existing in the real world through our speakers.

A Brief Enquiry delves deeper than the previous albums, into the band’s views on politics, technology and relationships in the modern age. These topics are mixed into a vortex of jazz, electropop, synthpop and indie sound to create an easy listen.

The opening self-titled track on the album creates a closure to the preceding album ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful’ with similar tones and sounds yet builds a new sound to match their ever-evolving image.

‘TooTimeTooTimeTooTime’ and ‘Give Yourself A Try’ have a familiar mainstream indie/pop vibe to them which causes you to impulsively bop your head along in time to the beat. These tracks are clear demonstrations of the band’s experimental attitudes along with their longing to be part of contemporary pop. TooTime takes on the complications of present-day relationships and laughs off the drunk calling and potential cheating with an upbeat melody.

In contrast, the album features some much slower ballad type songs such as ‘I Couldn’t Be More In Love’, ‘Be My Mistake’ and ‘Mine’. Nostalgic feelings of 90s love songs come flooding back to me when listening to these songs. If you are planning on spending your night at home with a glass of wine then I would definitely encourage you to stick these tracks on.

The 1975 have really stepped outside of the box, if they were ever in one, with the track ‘The man Who Married A Robot/ Love Theme’. The background sounds are something drawn from classical musical whilst a robotic computer-like voice, over the top, tells the tale of an isolated man who spent all his time with his computer- something most of us are familiar with in today’s society. Unusual and unique, the song creates a lasting image on the listener.

If you are looking for an album that has something to groove to, support you through a depressive episode or for an easy listen on a Sunday morning then The 1975s A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships is the album you are looking for.

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