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[Imogen Wallis and May S. Tan | Contributing Writers]

Over half way through the first semester, now is the time students find themselves stressing over deadlines and spending long hours hunched over their laptops. However, with the Active Students scheme luckily you can take time out to manage the tension by attending free yoga sessions.

Every Monday in Hutton Hall on College Lane, and Wednesday at the de Havilland Sports Village, a fully-qualified instructor will run through an hour session to help you develop skills and postures at your own pace. Concentrating on your core and balance to build strength and flexibility, you’ll find yoga is great for stress management. Is is also about balance, it brings our body, mind and soul as one with the environment. It’s a harmonious blend if you ask me, so instead of heading to EleHouse for a much needed drink it is a far healthier alternative!

Our yoga instructor, Ros Martingarno, starts and ends each session with ‘relaxation’ which allows us to focus on our breathing and warms our body and mind up before she moves on to ‘asana’ which are a concoction of few different yoga poses. As you find yourself wondering why holding your balance in ‘warrior pose three’ is good for your body, research suggests that yoga improves focus and listening skills, all attributes to help students perform better in the class room. Furthermore, if you are preparing for a long day of studying, a few yoga poses can eliminate any possible discomfort from sitting around.

​Of course, not all of us are equipped with yoga knowledge and experience but Martingarno makes it very easy for the newbies to learn and catch up. So don’t worry if you literally have no experience in yoga, our bodies have different capabilities, it’s all about having fun and unwinding from a hectic day.

Amongst fifteen other participants, final year Human Resources student Ashlesha Shukla said: “After being in the LRC all day it is great to stretch out and relax. I feel much calmer after the session so I’ll definitely be back next week.” She joined her first session this week to improve her overall health.

Additionally, for students who participate in more rapid exercise such as football or simply enjoy running at the gym, yoga can also help to reduce injury from increased muscle tension after strenuous exercise.

Remember, it does not matter whether you are an expert or beginner, just take advantage of these free sessions to not only work on your health and fitness, but have fun. For more details on sessions and timetables don’t forget to visit

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