Resolutions for 2016 anyone?

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1. Meet new people

I am largely an introvert so this is something I find challenging. I do try to mingle but I just don’t know where to start! University is the best time to network with people. It is different to a work setting because, at university, you still get to make mistakes while learning how to work with people from another culture or work ethic. Maybe you could take up a sport to meet people. Board games work too!

2. Cook actual food (because uni is trying to kill us with assignments, fire is much more interesting)

We know we should eat healthily but it is tempting to just pop ready-cook meals in the microwave. You can find some quick and easy healthy recipes online or try multitasking; salmon can easily be baked in the oven while you do other chores and assignments.

3. Find a gym partner

My gym partner has graduated 🙁 Now when I ask people whether they want to be my gym partner, the usual response I get is “I work out alone.” I recommend people to get a gym partner because you need someone to drag you to the gym and motivate you. They need someone to drag and motivate them as well, and that will be you!

“But I don’t need a gym partner!”

This is probably why not many stick to their New Year resolutions. We all need motivators. Having a gym partner doesn’t mean you need to work out together, you can just go to the gym together and then do your own workouts.

4. Try a new sport

There are sports and games where you don’t need to communicate much, like rock climbing! You just need to holler when you want to come back down. If you want to avoid talking, you can cling forever on the wall and work those muscles. But please remember the poor person at the bottom, your belayer.

Gym too expensive? Check out Active Students. No commitments; just appear when you want to. Like a ninja!

5. Travel more

Most avoid traveling because they immediately assume it is expensive. With some research online, you can actually travel cheaply. You just need to be realistic and willing to let go of some luxuries. There are websites such as AirBnB, CouchSurfing and HostelWorld. You don’t need to travel far, but just go somewhere. A friend I made during my Euro trip just started a blog on how it’s possible to travel longer and cheap. He has done it and is still doing it as I write this. You can look at his posts at for some inspiration.

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