Recipe: The Hot-Chocolate-Connoisseur

By Emma Robinson

Fear not, my jaded brethren, the bleak midwinter hath a cure. It’s chocolatey, it’s minty, it’s ALCOHOLIC. And once your housemates have seen you sipping on Crème de menthe like the last crackhead driving home from the Christmas party, there’s no going back. Crème de menthe sounds posh but it’s just a minty liqueur, at £9 a bottle from Asda, it’s basically Christmas Mouthwash.

This isn’t just a hot chocolate, this is the hot chocolate. It can cure heartache, colds and kidney stones, it even works as a love potion, this is how my boyfriend pulled me*.

Credit: Miriam Nice, BBC Good Food.

According to the BBC website, you’ll need;

50ml double cream

1tsp icing sugar

Few drops of peppermint extract

150ml whole milk

50g dark chocolate

25ml crème de menthe

Chocolate swirls or sprinkles

I don’t do maths, but one equation I do know well is;

Chocolate + Alcohol = Infinitely The Most Satisfying Way To Ruin Your Life

Nah but seriously, I don’t have any measuring tools so mine kinda goes like this;

Squirty whipped cream from a can

Dash of icing sugar

Cup of whole milk

Two small bars of dark chocolate

Two shots of crème de menthe to make up for the lack of peppermint extract

Grated chocolate

A huge mug to put it in

Le steps

If you’re making the cream to go on top, whip the cream in a small bowl, then stir in the icing sugar and a few drops of the peppermint extract. Put it in the fridge until later, when you’ll put it on top of the hot chocolate once served.

To make the hot chocolate bit, start by pouring the milk into a saucepan and heat gently until simmering, stirring it at the same time. Take it off the heat and then add chocolate, then stir until the chocolate has completely melted. Put it back on the heat until its warm, and then add the crème de menthe. I’d just bang a little bit of whipped cream on the top after this, a dash of chocolate shavings maybe.

This may sound simple, but it’s really satisfying to make and will leave the kitchen smelling like you’ve stepped into an advent calendar.

So go forth, students, and spread the autumn joy. The time has come for long leg hair, vapour rub, and eating whipped cream straight from the can. I’ll be back with more student-friendly recipes, until then, peace!

*this hot chocolate has no health benefits whatsoever and does not cure any of these ailments, in fact, it has 746 calories, 54g of fat and 24g of sugar per serving. HAPPY HIBERNATING!

Here’s the full recipe on the BBC website

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