Ramblings of an Internet addict due to lack of internet!

[Noor Khan | Contributor]

Currently I am going through a social-life threatening virus called LOI. Lack Of Internet.

It is absolutely ridiculous and hilarious how we (we meaning first world population) revolve our lives around the ever so precious world of the interweb.

Internet gives us the opportunity to have an infinite amount of information, right at our fingertips. Doesn’t it make you feel powerful in some way? That’s where the problem lies, the problem is not having the power and key to finding the infinite amount of knowledge, it’s when that is taken away. We feel almost like we have lost a limb, like we are paralysed and the world cannot possibly function without the necessity that we all sometimes take for granted.

For the last two days LOI has taken its full effect on me, although I have spent countless hours cursing my broadband providers, I have realised that there a 24 hours in a day. In the past couple of days I have managed to read two books that had been collecting dust on my shelf for months.  So it’s not all negative been disconnected from the world for a couple of days.

I have been isolated from social media which was terrible, the horror of not scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, or knowing what Kim Kardashian was wearing from Instagram took its toll on me. However I did find space, space to breathe and find a little bit of peace which the Internet takes away from us.

To conclude, have a detox from the Internet, you may feel LOI is getting a little too much for you, but you will feel more like you have more time that you can fill with important things. Go read a book, or go outside, breathe the fresh air. So these are my ramblings written with pen and paper and brought to you by the ingenious invention and the necessity that is the Internet.

Have you ever been without internet, let us know!

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