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Refreshers’ Week, running from 18th-24th of January, saw many different events across campus ranging from the Refreshers’ Fair, to special guest appearances at The Forum Hertfordshire. One such event was the Beer Festival, held by the pub society between 21st-24th. Being held in association with the EleHouse, it was set up ready to begin trade on Thursday morning.


The event encouraged people to try a range of different beers, all provided by Hertfordshire brewers, Red Squirrel, based down the road in Hertford. The Milk Stout, Citra, and American Pale Ale all seemed to be popular choices, selling the most throughout the event.

When asked about the event Liam Collingbourne, President of the society, commented: “It was a success, we encouraged lots of people to try new beers … and more importantly showed what a friendly and enjoyable society we are,” he added, “Each year our beer festivals get bigger and bigger, I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish [in future years].”

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Third year English student, Laura Slingo, said: “The beer festival that the pub society hosted was fantastic! With beer festivals being popular events across the country, it was great to see and engagement at a university level.” She echoed Liam’s comments stating: “I was able to meet a lovely bunch of people and enjoy a few new brews.” The event saw huge engagement with over 64 hours of volunteering put in by society members, as well as a huge level of interest from non members visiting. The society meets for a trip every other Thursday, with a number of smaller events in between trips.

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