President of Herts Students’ Union: Rent strikes could happen

By Oliver Price – News Manager

In an exclusive interview with Trident Media, Grainne O’Monghain, the President of HSU, has revealed that she has warned ULiving, the company who run accommodation on College Lane Campus, that rent strikes will happen in response to high rents at the University of Hertfordshire.

When asked what her response would be, if students decided to go stop paying their rent or go on a rent strike, she said: “To ULiving it would be, I told you it was going to happen.

“They are aware it’s happening across the sector, and I don’t think it would be right for them to be comfortable enough it wouldn’t come to Hertfordshire.

“If students want to gather together and be proactive, I am behind anything they decide to do.”

Students are becoming increasingly unhappy with the costs of their rents, with a poll last year showing that 50% think that students are unhappy with their rents.

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