Pop Art makeup Tutorial!

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So first off, you need to start off with a fresh, clean face with no products on and apply a moisturiser. You then pick any foundation or concealer that has a matte finish and apply it all over your face to mute out your facial features, particularly the eyebrows and lips.


eyebrows (2) (2015_11_01 23_43_53 UTC)

Next are the eyebrows, and for this I’m using a black kohl eyeliner pencil to make my eyebrows really bold, thick and defined. Try to keep the natural shape of your eyebrows; just fill them in very intensely!


front on face (1)

Outline the bone structures in your face: starting with your nose, draw a line down the centre of your nose using your Kohl pencil once again or any other black make up you have. This creates the 2D pop art effect. Define your cupid’s bow, cheek bones and jaw line with a single stoke.



Choose a bold red lipstick, or lip pencil, and draw all over your lip and then use the black eyeliner to go around it and define the creases in your lip. Go back with the white eyeliner, and draw a small triangle on your bottom lip to look like a highlight!


eye (2)

The eyes are the focus point of the look, so start off with any liquid eyeliner of your choice:

1. Create a bold cat eyeliner look and then create big, intense eyelashes, drawing over the crease of the eye.

2. Then do the same thing on the lower lash line but don’t connect it to the corner of your eye.

3. After, go back to the upper eyelid and draw a fake crease in a slight triangular shape to make the eyes look droopy and sad.

4. Then use a white eyeliner to go along the lower inner rim of your eyes.

Body (optional)

other face

This step is optional. If you’re wearing a top that shows your collarbones and neck, you can define them with bold strokes!

Images: Robin Duvelly

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