Poem: That Matrimonial Guy by Vicky Regi

Dear Matrimonial Guy,

I do not hate you for the person you are,

I would hate you for the person you seek

Billions of profiles to choose from,

Millions of colours to scroll on

If not one you can take the next,

If not next you take the rest.

I live in a society where Tinder is taboo,

A society where the matrimonial site is a boon.

It took me ten years to build up a dream,

It took you ten clicks to take my dream.

That girl is everything I have,

That girl is my go-to vent,

That girl is someone you found,

Look again, she is one of the requests you sent.

No one would pray to be with someone,

No one will break odds to live with them,

I am taking home memories,

Memories of her, which is now my dream.

You can take her, maybe that is what her parents say,

Can you let her go and make my day?

She is confused with a blanket of emotions,

If she leaves that is the end of my devotion.

They say when your hurt, put on a plaster

I do not know what to do because of this internal disaster.

Everyone says, Live life! Move on,

She is my life, I might as well hold on.

Everything I say would just seem like a story,

Cause the objective here is to get married.

Click that site again, change what you prefer

Let her go, let me have her.

We dreamt together, we built castles in that dream,

And then you come in like a Ray of Beam.

What can I tell you other than my story,

If not her I am seeking eternal glory.

Dear Matrimonial guy,

I do not hate you.

It’s Monday,

Let me take her away.

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