Pitch Perfect 2 review: Heartwarming and hilarious

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Pitch Perfect was the sleeper movie hit of the summer in 2012, so it’s no surprise that the sequel is hitting our cinema screens this month. Following the story of an all female acapella singing group, The Barden Bellas, Pitch Perfect 2 is almost as good as sequels get.


If you like films that celebrate singing and the importance of female friendship, Pitch Perfect 2 is for you. Set four years after the first film, Pitch Perfect 2 centres on the Bella’s mission to win an acapella world tournament after an embarrassing mishap led to their suspension from acapella competitions and worldwide ridicule. This film focuses on the end of University, and captures that nervousness about going out into the real world and following your dreams so perfectly.

Just like the first film, Pitch Perfect 2 is laugh out loud funny. I don’t think I’ve heard a cinema laugh as much as I did in Pitch Perfect 2 since Kristen Wig’s Bridesmaids.

Can I just mention the utterly glorious Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy to absolute perfection in this film? Not only is she hilarious in Pitch Perfect 2 (she gets most of the zingers) but I thought it was so inspiring and positive that she was given a little romantic subplot in this movie – often women who don’t fit the Hollywood stereotype of beauty aren’t made to seem desirable in movies, only funny. I love that Pitch Perfect 2 capitalised on both Rebel Wilson’s amazing sense of humour AND made her a desirable partner. Also, that girl can sing. Somebody please give her a record contract.

Rebel Wilson as Fat May | Credit: cinestar

Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy | Credit: cinestar

Whilst Pitch Perfect 2 was on the whole, heartwarming and hilarious, it did hit a few bum notes. There were a few too many jokes about Flo, a Bella member from Guatemala, that fell flat, and it would have been nice to see a little bit more of the Treblemakers.

However, Pitch Perfect 2, remains one of my favourite films of 2015 so far – I defy any of you to get Jessie J’s ‘Flashlights’ out of your head once you’ve seen this movie.  It’s great to see a female led and directed movie do so well at the Box Office and I thoroughly recommend seeing Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 as soon as you get the chance.

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John and Gail (Higgins and Banks) Photo credit: UPIMedia

John and Gail (Higgins and Banks) Photo credit: UPIMedia

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