Parkrun: Absolute Hangover Cure

[Mercedes Brazier | Sports Editor]

Most students will swear by a lay in, plenty of water, and a takeaway to get through their hangovers. These methods have worked for generations of students, but did we really think this through? Surely it takes longer to feel 100% better after filling your body with yet more fat and salt from the takeaway? I have the answer!

Wake up at a decent time, say 8:30am, throw on some kind of old clothing, a t-shirt and worn out trainers will be fine, no one cares what you look like, and get yourself down to St. Albans for an event that will ensure that there is no more alcohol in your system at the end of it.

This event has been a success since it was first started in Bushy Park, London in 2004. Since then it has grown to have a number of events around the UK, and now globally! The event in St Albans has grown to be a beloved community event with the same people attending every week, and joining in the fun, but don’t feel put off by the familiarisation people have with one another, all newbies are welcome and encouraged to participate!

So what is this and how can you get involved? I’m sure this will be the part that you all decide that you can’t participate, if you ask me it sounds more like you won’t, but I’m challenging you all.

Parkrun is the name of the game, and it consists of a 5K run every Saturday morning at 9am on the dot. It’s FREE for runners of all standards, which takes place in Verulamium Park, St. Albans. It is not a race. It is timed, however, so you can have a little bit of a competition with yourself. It can be for fun, it can be for training, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

I assure you that you will sweat the alcohol and toxins out of your system, and you will be amazingly better for it. However you could also have a green tea and a kiwi and that sorts you out too, but who takes the easy way out these days? For more information visit / And if you do take up my challenge, which I know you all cannot turn down, let me know how you get on, but please don’t beat my time! @TridentMediaUK

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