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There are many sex toys out there and they come in all shapes and sizes. Retailers such as Ann Summers have helped people realise how “normal” (and useful) sex toys have become in the 21st century. BlueMoon decided to carry out some research and draw up a list of the five top sex toys that can help you add some extra pleasure to your sex lives (with a partner(s) and/or by yourself!)

5. Fleshlight original male masturbator: inspired by fears of sexual frustration during his wife’s pregnancy, Steve Shubin’s Fleshlight has received brilliant feedback from users and appears to be a crowd pleaser. Also available: Fleshjack Boys!

male fleshlight

4. Silicone butt plug: a toy that gets you “straight to the point.”

3. Remote control vibrating love egg: this one is definitely for the couples. Fancy giving your other half the surprise of their life? Well, this cheeky toy will help you out with that one.

love egg

2. Rampant rabbit the golden one: this one is not for beginners. Although it may be seen as cute, the functions will blast you out of this world.

1. Rampant rabbit the silicone curved one: if you’re yet to become one with yourself, this baby is sure to help you out. Smooth and compact in size, it’ll give you that boost you didn’t know you needed without complications.

rr silicone one

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