Opinion: Why we should abandon UKIP

By Edward Howard.

I understand that many of you who are reading this are as frustrated as I am with the way the political establishment is handling many issues, most significantly of all Brexit. I can sympathise that many of you have used that frustration in the way that you’ve voted in last night’s European Elections (something we wouldn’t have even had to take part in if the political elite had got their act together), and some of you may have voted for the United Kingdom Independence Party. However, this wasn’t the right call, and I hope to explain why.

I understand that many of you may have flocked to UKIP because its current leader Gerard Batten, seems quite sensible at first. He’s pro-freedom of speech, not very PC and is very pro-Brexit. He also at least seems to be holding a steady ship together, especially given the whole crisis they were before Batten under their previous leader Henry Bolton and his extremely racist girlfriend Jo Marney(of who is still inarguably one of the party’s worst leaders). That being said, however, he is clearly not a man up to the job of leading a pub crawl, let alone a political party that is desperate to be taken seriously again after recent bad fortunes. Firstly, he lacks any charisma whatsoever, something that their best leader Nigel Farage offered in spades, and is sorely missed. I can particularly recall a Brexit rally I attended of which Batten was speaking at (in which the speaker was laughably calling him UKIP’s possible first Prime Minister), and his lack of charisma and passion was very vocal in his rather monotone and thick London brogue, almost sounding like a North London equivalent of Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. And this was when I liked him. That being said, it’s not solely about presentation right? Surely, what he stands for is more important. That’s true, and on that front, he falls flat too. He seems to have very little understanding of both politics and optics, encapsulated by his ignorance over the Overton Window, leading him to ally himself with extremely dodgy characters (of who I shall mention later), and slander religions as a ‘death cult’ without thinking of the consequences associated with that. That, or him calling the Evening Standard‘crap’on a Twitter poll like a five-year-old or sharing homoerotic art of his political candidates, should sound alarm bells to his frank idiocy on certain matters. Beyond that, it’s unclear what he does stand for. UKIP’s hardline stance on Islam is something Batten has a habit of moving away from at certain points, most notably at a Rochdale rally organised by the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (a problematic group in themselves)whereby he didn’t mention that radical Islam was linked to grooming gangs in the town, and even his deputy leader has claimed that policy was ‘badly worded’ on the party’s website. He seems to have no clue about politics or standards, and acts like a typical rabble-rouser, and has subsequently allowed a culture of anti-intellectual rabble-rousing idiocy to take over his party, and this was best encompassed with him telling someone to ‘f*ck off’. Stay classy, Gerard.

I understand that others may like UKIP because of how they’ve been endlessly bashing Islam, and have gone so far as to embrace former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, or Stephen Yaxley-Lennon to use his real name. This is likewise a red herring. If you’re happy to ignore the fact that he is another thug, of who has a criminal record list your arm long, or that he’s stated several anti-Muslim statements (most prominently in one video he did for his former employers at The Rebel Media where he claimed that Channel 4 were unable to find five moderate Muslims to present to their audience), he’s also a guy who was some very questionable motives. This includes how he’s funded by American millionaire donors and neoconservative think tanks like the Middle East Forum, the latter of whom could be using him to bash Islam to create tension to start more conflicts in the Middle East. It’s rather telling that his various former colleagues have come out against his practices as a ‘journalist’, with former camerawoman Lucy Brown saying that he engages in ‘panto journalism’ all the while he eats ‘crisps’ and looks ‘himself up on Twitter’ instead of doing ‘research’ in a Times expose, and Caolan Robertson has admitted regretting working with him in a Sky News interview. One can only look to his video whereby he insinuated that a Hindu man who killed three children through drink driving was an Islamist terrorist, through his name being Asian, for proof of that. Beyond that, it’s a matter of how bad he is at optics and the legitimately dangerous characters that he’s pushed in the past. Would Generation Identity be anywhere near as popular as they are had Robinson not pushed them so much on his Facebook page or made their Austrian leader Martin Sellner out to be a martyr for free speech via reading Sellner’s speech out at Speaker’s Corner shortly after Sellner was banned in the UK? Probably not. Would Neo-Nazi Timothy Scott (a man who has literally threatened to kill colleagues of mine at another organisation) have gained any traction among the populist right had Robinson not made him leader of PEGIDA UK? No. Would the fringe and extremist Justice For Our Boys movement have gotten anywhere had it not been for Robinson pushing them in a video with over 100,000 views at the time of writing this (far more so than the refutation we did at the Red Pill Factory as well)? Definitely not. Would the aforementioned former Antifa tool Lucy Brown gained any popularity among our movement had she not been pushed by Robinson, including being his camerawoman? Definitely not. Would former British National Party member and alleged racistJack Buckby have become Robinson’s replacement at Rebel Media if Robinson hadn’t made him his protégé on the network? Definitely not. Beyond how bad for PR it’s been for UKIP, it hasn’t even paid off, with Robinson running as an independent MEP in the North West, something he worryingly could win, given that this area of the country has elected similarly dangerous characters in the past. Former British National Party leader (and arguably Britain’s most famous Holocaust denier) Nick Griffin won his European Parliament 10 years ago here after all.

I understand that you may have gone to UKIP as some of your favourite political YouTubers, like Carl Benjamin (AKA Sargon Of Akkad) and Mark Meechan (AKA Count Dankula) have joined the party. I must wonder why you’re excusing their behaviour. Beyond the fact that both men’s comments on rape have been really awful cringe comedy to say the least, the former carries endless baggage with him that a serious political party surely couldn’t want, of which goes beyond his idiotic tweet to Labour MP Jess Phillips.Calling people n*ggers on his livestream. Lying about what my party (the Conservative Party) was planning with their tax cuts, ala Owen Jones style, either out of sheer ignorance or stupidity. Defendinga Holocaust denier in the form of Davis Aurini, the dumbest thing a major public figure has possibly done since LBC radio host James O’Brien slurred a Jewish caller as a Zionist for defending President Trump’s travel ban, made worse by how he’s defended the anti-Semitic Jewish Question and has worked with the neo-Nazi Michael Brooks. He equated the rabble rouser far-right group Britain First with Orwell Prize winning journalist Melanie Phillips as they both criticise radical Islam, and did so unironically. As he has done so by saying black Americans ‘unironically’benefited from racism. What you have is a ludicrous farce of which is the equivalent if Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle ran for the Labour Party as a candidate, or if Rage Against The Machine’s Tim Commerford ran as a Democratic candidate in the United States. He is the equivalent of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for UKIP (something this video illustrates perfectly), and his clearly so lacking in intelligence that even stupid alt-righters like Richard Spencer and James Allsup can one-up him in debates. That’s a grave sin, folks, and this is coming from a former fan of Mr Benjamin’s. It’s become so bad that a former UKIP head of branch (though I shan’t name her) dissolved the branch (albeit only temporarily) and left the party over Sargon’s comments and Batten’s defence of them. Shouldn’t that tell you something?

I understand that for some of you may even be taken aback by how it’s taken a non-PC line towards various problems in society at large today. That being said, one always must do these things within the reach of the Overton Window, otherwise, you lose support. Hence why it shouldn’t come as any surprise that under Batten, various people who have some sense left the party under fear about what its become. Between prominent faces of the party (like Suzanne Evans), former MEPs (like James Carver, Bill Etheridgeand Lord Dartmouthamong many others) and even former leaders (like Nigel Farageand Paul Nuttall) all leaving, it’s clear that UKIP is moving away from a moderate base and is now entertaining the rabble-rousing crowd. Various dodgy characters have been accepted into UKIP that the likes of Farage and anyone sensible wouldn’t have even trod in. Mark Martin (AKA Buska) caused chaos at the Bookmarks bookstore in London, advocating the store be burnt and ripped up the private property of the owner, and was only kicked out of the party after the threat of legal action, despite having previous criminal convictions for carrying illegal weapons in the form of pepper spray and assault. David Sumner had assaulted the shopkeeper at Bookmarks by shoving him and was still allowed to have selfies with both Batten and Alan Craig, the party’s Family and Children Spokesman. Meanwhile, Glenn Teale had caused chaos at a solidarity event about the bookstore and wasn’t removed from the party, due to him being a partner of UKIP NEC director Kate Fanning. So beyond being politically incorrect, UKIP is now attracting unpleasant sorts of who no established party would ever go near. Speaking of which…

I understand you even may like (for what reason I can’t ascertain) the fact that UKIP has embraced the likes of Generation Identity, most notably by nearly allowing its Austrian head (and the movement’s face) Martin Sellner, to give a talk at their youth conference. Why you would like a legitimately racist group, of who calls for ethnopluralism (AKA racial segregation), whose members call for literal apartheid, and whose spokespeople (mainly that of former neo-Nazi Sellner,who attended an SS vigil)are very dodgy indeed? If this is the thing you’re attracted to, please ask yourself why. I hope you can bring yourself back from beyond the pale, and release that the slick image of Generation Identity is just a cover for a more racist white nationalist (and I would argue white supremacist) cause. If it’s former UK head can admit to it, you should be able to do so too.

I understand that despite all of this, and more, you may be a member of UKIP, or could (God forbid) consider voting for them in the future, due to the failings of the political class over Brexit. You may dismiss my warnings as nothing more than ‘fake news’ or MSM rubbish, or whatever lazy ad hominin attacks you can throw at me without much in the way of actually refuting what I say (indicating that at the very least, I’m right). I would rather you heed my warning. The British populist right, sans the Brexit Party, has been taken over by rabble-rousers and the legitimate extreme right. This is represented by how UKIP is now a party of who between a woefully incompetent leader, extremist associations, village oafs running for them as candidates and their own party failing to defend and in some cases even condemning their party’s behaviour, is becoming a complete and total dog’s dinner, and whose electoral success in the future is limited, to put it politely. And trust me, having grown up with both UKIP and Farage (of which got me in to politics and saved me from becoming an anarcho-communist freak) and having been a part of this movement for over half a decade now, this breakdown has been utterly painful to watch, as it has been for others who have left it. The American populist right did a great job of making sure legitimate extremists were removed from their midst, so the likes of Richard Spencer and the alt-right weren’t entertained that much by them, as after Trump getting elected their aims were true to see, and especially after the chaos that was Charlottesville. What is it going to take for the British populist right to see it? An event as devasting as the aforementioned Charlottesville? I most certainly would hope not.

I understand that your anger may compel you to have voted UKIP in the European Elections and beyond. I would recommend, that if they are going to tank, as it seems they’re going to, we should all abandon UKIP before its too late, and help to complete Brexit in a great way, and end one of Britain’s most Machiavellian political episodes in recent decades for the better. There may be a great movement to make our country great again, but UKIP sure isn’t it, and never shall be again. This clip here demonstrates what a legitimate laughing stock it has become:


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