Opinion: How to potentially break the Brexit deadlock in Parliament…

By Edward Howard.

Brexit. It’s inarguably the biggest political issue facing Great Britain at the moment. The main problem with it is not the decision to leave the European Union itself that the voters undertook back in the 2016 EU referendum, but rather that we are continually in a constitutional crisis over the issue. On the one hand, we have a public who clearly want to see a referendum result implemented, and subsequently use that vote for further political change to improve their lot.

Meanwhile, we have a Parliament whereby a laughably small minority backed the decision, with the vast majority of MPs of both the major parties supporting staying in the political bloc, including the current Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May. It’s led to a political stalemate ever since, and some of the most laughable scenes from the British political class in decades, in a time whereby we should be celebrating our greatest national triumph of reclaiming our independence and sovereignty since the end of the Second World War and the Suez Crisis.

It’s also led to the biggest political meltdown of any independence referendum decision to be implemented since the one taken by South Ossetians back in 2006to leave their host nation of Georgia, and to this day, the decision has not been fully implemented, being de facto independence as opposed to de jure.

So how can we solve it? While some have suggested that more compromise is needed in a watered down Brexit (of which would betray the democratic vote of the people possibly) and a Norway style Brexit, I would recommend a different approach; a simple Canada Plus Plus deal.

Why is this? It’s because it would get the best of both worlds; all of the benefits in terms of reducing mass immigration from the bloc and reclaiming our national sovereignty from the EU among other measures, all the while allowing us to continue to have easy free trade with the political bloc, thereby not causing serious damage to our economy in the process. It could, therefore, create a fair compromise in Parliament to satisfy everyone, and given that any other option has been shot down by the political class (whether it be through the consistent rejections of Theresa May’s woeful deal which would keep us in a customs union indefinitely and the indicative votes which have failed to reach a majority in Parliament), it’s surely worth giving a try. This is especially true, given that Parliament has four more months to craft something to avoid a no-deal Brexit, something of which while not bad in the slightest, isn’t exactly ideal or completely safe economically.

What are the benefits then? The major one for me and many other Leave voters is that it satisfies the major demands that our side campaigned on in the 2016 referendum campaign.

It stops mass immigration from the European Union. This was clearly proven for Canada when they refused to bow to pressure from the EU state Romania to open up their borders to that country,and as such, we could do the same thing as we would no longer have to abide by the rules of free movement after leaving both the European Union and the single market.

On top of this, it also means that we no longer would have to abide by European Union law. We would have the European Court of Justice off our backs and keep the UK Supreme Court as the most supreme court of the land. It also means that no longer that 62% of our legislation is influenced by the European Union, something unconstitutional under the 1689 British Bill Of Rights of which states that ‘no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm’.It also means that we no longer have to answer to unelected bureaucrats at the head of the EU, leading to such embarrassing mishaps as the blunder with the 1984 Video Recordings Act becoming unenforceable in 2009, as the European Commission hadn’t been notified about it.

Finally, it would also ensure the crucial thing of letting us leave the political bloc completely, thereby fully respecting the basic result of the referendum. It means we no longer have to answer to the EU for our laws, nor pay them the extortionate billions of pounds that could be better spent elsewhere.

It also has major political support on both sides. On the British side, various MPs like Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and the former Brexit Secretary David Davis have backed this type of deal, all the while the man credited with getting Brexit rolling the Brexit Party MEP Nigel Farage, stated on his Twitter account that he hoped that Theresa May would ‘bite’ the ‘hand off’ Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, who also supports the deal. Meanwhile, Japan recently managed to do a similar deal with the EU, and like Canada, is not as big an ally to the EU as Great Britain has been in the past, making such a deal hopefully all the more possible.

Why this is important?

It’s because if the biggest democratic vote in the history of the United Kingdom is to be respected (something important in leave voting constituencies like Welwyn Hatfield where this university is based, of which voted 53% leave), it has to be done properly, and this seems to be the sole way to do it. Undermining it is going to do serious harm, creating potential social unrest, and also similar to the behaviour of the yellow vest movement in France.I don’t think anyone serious about politics in this country wants to see that level of violence and chaos on our orderly streets.

Meanwhile, it could lead to the rise of dangerous demagogues and actual far-right figureheads filling the void. If Brexit is undermined or (God forbid) betrayed, those who shall claim to do Brexit properly shall become very popular, and those can include sinister characters, like Tommy Robinson or James Goddard. Meanwhile, various smaller parties on the populist right in the UK have already gone down that road, with Farage’s former party UKIP, in particular, becoming home to various rabble-rousers and white nationalist groups like Generation Identity.

So, it’s very important that we get this right. And Canada Plus Plus is the only way to go in that sense.

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