Online Housing Advice Service for Tenants launched by Hertfordshire Law Clinic

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

A free online service has been set up by the University of Hertfordshire Law Clinic (which has been shortlisted for the Inspiring Herts Community Champion Award) was originally set up on the De Havilland Campus in October 2019.

The service will focus on housing issues, particularly as emergency measures against eviction have been put in place, but it is suggested they may be confusion as to what rights people have. Also, members of the public who have lost their job (due to the pandemic) may be having diffculties in paying rent. Students who rent accomodation may have had to return home and have to continue paying for unused accomodation.

This service has been launched by the university to help those who may be in need and require housing advice, it was set up alongside leading housing solicitors; including Shelter’s Ruth Camp and Cheryl Grant from Just for Kids Law. Director of the Hertfordshire Law Clinic spoke on behalf of the clinic: “Since we launched two weeks ago, we have been overwhelmed with enquiries. We are very grateful to Cheryl Gaunt and Ruth Camp for helping us set up this desperately needed new service.”

Hertfordshire Law Clinic has moved its services online, so clients can still attend their appointments via video conferencing. As part of the advice service, law clinic students have the opportunity to shadow professional solicitors (via video-conferencing) and see the verbal advice given to clients firsthand. Students then draft attendance notes, which are sent to clients to remind them of the advice they received during the meeting.

Diana Kirsch, added that the law clinic is: “really pleased to be able to provide free housing advice during this difficult time when many people will be struggling financially.”

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