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Hertfordshire University is working with its dedicated policing team, who constantly provide exceptional care on campus for students and students living in the neighbouring areas. This year, the University and the PCSO team are inviting people to nominate students who consistently endeavour to help others as part of The Community Award, sponsored by the University’s Diamond Fund.

Now in its second year, this accolade will be awarded to a student who has contributed and created a positive impact on the Hatfield community. These contributions could be through a single act of kindness, for example, last year’s winner had helped reunite a missing 93 year old man with his family. On the other hand, contributions could be through volunteering within the local community, like the 2015 runners-up who had been nominated for their voluntary work at the local youth and community centre and at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Anyone is able to nominate a student, including members of the public, University staff, fellow students, local charities, churches and businesses. Nominations are currently open and finalists can expect to be invited to the award ceremony on the 28th April.

The judges of this award include the President of Hertfordshire Students’ Union, Jack Amos; the University’s Community Liaison and Support Officer, Emma Lewis; a member of the University’s policing team and the University Chaplain.

This award is also making great opportunities as the award trophy will be designed and created by a graduate student of the University.

Louise Luxford, who is a member of the University Policing Team said: “Many of the students at the University help members of the community in one way or another. Some are always on hand to help elderly neighbours for example, whilst others volunteer within community youth groups. This award scheme aims to recognise the positive impact these students have in the borough. We are keen to hear from all members of the community who would like to nominate a student.”

Geraldine Ward, Deputy Dean of Students at the University of Hertfordshire, said: “We are very proud of the good deeds so many of our students are undertaking in the local community. This award will help to highlight this and enable us to work together with the University policing team to highlight these achievements.”

Nominations will be open until 31st March and should be sent to PCSO Louise Luxford at: Please outline the name of the student and what they’ve done to make a difference to the community. Nominees should not be notified of their nomination.

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