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On the 6th and 7th No Tomorrow Festival gave us a weekend to remember, with over 30 musicians coming together to perform in Nottingham.

On the day, it was quite windy but the sunshine and temperature made up for it. As your stereotypical festival in England would go, there is usually rain, mud, and crazy drunk lads out to pull. No Tomorrow festival was a pleasant surprise for me, as there was a calm, chilled-out vibe with no over-energetic mosh-pitters to be seen.

Now don’t get me wrong, it can be fun being a mosh-pitter, but at No Tomorrow the ‘shufflers’ or ‘shape-cutters’ (as some like to call them) took over, and they definitely couldn’t afford to lose their balance with moves like theirs.

Throughout the day, many of the artists played a variety of different music. The main stage seemed to be the most diverse as it played electronic, drum and base and acoustic. The Stealth stage was lit up and hosted mostly house artists such as Eton Messy and DJ EZ who played under the jam packed gazebo.

Earlier on in the day 99 Souls gave a remix of ‘All Cried Out’, from the All Cried Out EP by Blonde, who performed before DJ Fresh. He started off with the well known ‘Hot Right Now’ and got the crowd jumping with a bit of lively drum and bass from the main stage. Nick Mulvey gave a relaxing, mellow, acoustic performance while the crowd rocked along in the sun, in front of the main stage.

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The acts were spaced out through the day, so you didn’t miss your favourite acts, and there was time to relax on the grass with a hot dog and a cider too. When not dancing, the wide variety of entertainment kept us busy, we even got a chance to decorate our own tote bags with feathers, paints and other pretty shiny things.

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If we got hungry, there definitely wasn’t a shortage of delicious food stands to eat at, from burgers, to cakes and Jamaican patties my stomach was definitely catered for. And when it did get a bit windy, there was even tea to warm us up.

If you love music and festivals, but hate the idea of being shoved around on a field packed with too many people, I would definitely recommend No Tomorrow Festival. If you prefer to groove to your favourite music in a beautiful park, and no drama this is definitely the place for you.

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