Nigerian society’s cultural night

By Pelumi Agboolaa

“The beauty in cultural diversity” was the theme of the cultural night on the 18th May and showing cultural diversity is exactly what the Nigeran society did.

Hosted by Ayomide Sodia and Blossom Odubu.

We got a massive insight into the vibrate, exuberant and delightful culture of Nigeran and from all around Africa. The room was buzzing with members of the society and others not only Nigerans but Gambians, Ghanaians, Europeans and many other people all came together to witness and celebrate the cultural diversity all around us.

Picture taken by Jemma Miah

Dressing to impress, people arriving in the best of Nigeria cultural, wearing the gele head wrap worn on some women, to the agbada worn by serval of the gentlemen.

There were many performances that showcased a taste of Nigerian culture that took place throughout the night. Chidera and Esther, a spectacular duo displaying Igbo culture though the art of dance. The Nigeria society’s very own drama group, showcasing culture and tradition through the lensed of acting. And to end the night an outstanding performance by Muddasir and the band to demonstrate the authenticity of the music derived in Nigeria.

Picture taken by Jemma Miah

With the chance to asks many of those who attended their thoughts on culture diversity in the university, what it’s like interacting with different cultures and what it’s like to be away from home. We got an overwhelmingly positive respond from many expressing their love for other cultures and the importance of interacting and mixing with others, many took the opportunity to share their love for the togetherness of the Nigerian community within the society and the importance of the event taking place.

We even got the chance to get a taste of the Nigerian cuisine with a buffet of some of the finest cultural foods for all guests, including the well-known jollof rice, fried rice, chicken and more.

The night continued into the early hours of the morning with an afterparty, playing the best of afro-beats music with DJ’s Sogood and Midas.

The Nigeran society definitely put on an excellent show, truly showing what the beauty in cultural diversity is all about.

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