New St Albans neighbourhood inspector speaks out on tackling antisocial behavior and homelessness

By Danielle Smith.

The new inspector speaks of how he wishes to address antisocial behaviour, homelessness and street drinking in St Albans.

New safer Neighbourhood Inspector, Andy Wiseman, replaced Inspector Jon Roche in January in aid of keeping St Albans neighbourhood safe.

The new role is to help to address the problem of homelessness, street drinkers, beggars, and theft from cars.

Insp Wiseman said: “I really enjoyed being part of the Safer Neighbourhood Team in the early part of my career and am pleased to have a public-facing role again.”

“St Albans, Harpenden and London Colney are great places to live but unfortunately they do attract criminals, many opportunists.”

He continues: “My job is to stop lower level antisocial behaviour escalating into more serious crime.”

Insp Wiseman joined Hertfordshire constabulary as a police constable in 2003 and has since worked in various departments including management and the Hertfordshire Constabulary Historical Society.

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