New Pool Tables At EleHouse

By CJ Arnell – Contributing Writer

The EleHouse has bought two brand new pool tables for the New Year to replace the worn tables that used to live in the campus pub.

For the last two years, the EleHouse has been renting the three pool tables that have become an iconic part of the pub’s back room. These tables have seen some of the harshest conditions that Hertfordshire’s students can throw at them. They’ve been kicked, banged, scraped, spilt on, and far worse.

The previous pool tables cost the EleHouse over £2,800 a year to rent, totalling over £5,600 since 2014. For the approximate cost of the annual rent of the tables, two brand new commercial pool tables will be able to be purchased, saving the EleHouse thousands of pounds in the future.

The establishment plans to use the extra space provided by the absence of the third pool table to provide additional seating and a permanent dartboard fixture.

In addition to new tables, new cues have also been purchased. The old pool cues are arguably more worse for wear than the tables, due to the stressful nature in which they are subjected to in the University of Hertfordshire pub. For example, a cue was found broken in half by an unknown patron of the pub last year.

To minimise damages in the future, the EleHouse has purchased fibreglass cues. These cues are advertised as being indestructible, which might go a long way in ensuring their continued use in the pub.

The new tables have now arrived in the pub and are being used by the patrons and the Pool and Snooker Society.

Overall, the EleHouse has made an investment into quality instead of quantity, and is no longer renting, but purchasing its pool tables. There is hope that this decision will be better in the long run and benefit those who find enjoyment in the activities that the pub provides.

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