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This September, the School of Creative Arts launched the Fashion and Fashion Business award in response to the evolving fashion industry.

Programme Leader for the Fashion and Fashion Business degree, Tony Rosella, explains that “[they] have designed an award that [they] feel is relevant, not just relevant to a national market, but to an international market too.”

The new course prepares students for a professional career as a fashion business person. Students gain expert understanding of how the fashion industry works, underpinned by an appreciation for the creative strategies that go into creating garments.

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Shaun Borstrock, Associate Dean of Business, Innovation and Projects, says that the University is “teaching students the fundamentals specifically in relation to the fashion industry, but they are also getting the hands-on experience of being able to understand the process involved in design and make.”

The Fashion and Fashion Business award is designed for students who enjoy the creative aspect of fashion business. Students get a wider knowledge of the commercial elements of running a business within the the context of the fashion industry. Thus students gain tangible skill sets that place them at the forefront of the fashion industry.

The educational philosophy and mission of the programme, as stated by Rosella, “isn’t about just learning in [the University’s] four walls, but about learning in the industry, having hands-on experience, while at the same time learning in an academic environment.”

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Though there are separate business modules, both the Fashion and Fashion Business students engage in some overlapping modules. Both courses run projects with big name brands like Ted Baker, Boden and Reiss throughout the degree.

The new course is for the professional individual who is passionate about fashion and business, and aspires to be an exciting new addition to the University’s collection. Rosella claims that “the students who are interested in this award will naturally want to do this anyway, because they want to learn about the business of fashion.”

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