New Coffee Shop opens at Hatfield Station

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

The recent work being carried out at Hatfield Station sees it become tidier and welcoming, will now include a new coffee shop called I am coffee, according to the Welwyn Hatfield Times article by Becky Alexander, which has been open for a couple of weeks.

I am coffee is the first one to be opened, from a venture created by Kash Khera and Dav Jheeta who have plans to open other I am coffees, in other parts of the country,

Spacious, light and stylish are used to describe the café, not to mention its arched brick windows and stylish lights on exposed copper pipeworks. There is enough space for 20 people, and tables are spaced out well.

Bruce, the manager, has said they are already busy with customers getting coffees before trains, and even coming in to work or have meetings, and is pleased that the locals seem to like it.

Hasbean provides the coffee, available for sitting down for coffee or as a takeaway. This coffee ranges from traditional coffees (like the espresso, americano or flat white) from just £2. Teas are also available from Suki tea-breakfast to green or even camomile tea, with Almond/soya milk also available.

The Bread Factory provides the bakes, with gluten-free bakes included. Bruce, the manager, added that options for lunch, such as ciabattas/sandwiches will be offered soon, that will be nice and easy to have on the train.

I am coffee will be opened weekdays 6.30am to 6.30pm and from 8 am to 4 pm on a Saturdays. Towards the end of March, it soon opens on Sundays too after engineering works have been completed. The author of the original article, Becky, has said it’s a “small little café, with good service”.

Other new shops, that have opened in the station include Simply Fresh (food shop) and is a well-represented shop. It will be useful for people in Old Hatfield or getting some food shopping on your way home.

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