Netball Club bake sale for Cancer Research

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At the end of October, the Netball Club held a bake sale to raise money for Cancer Research. The event was held at the Sports Village on the de Havilland Campus between 12pm and 2pm. I spoke to Emily Fensome, a final year Sports Studies student and netball captain for the coming year, and two members of the first team.

Could you explain why the Netball Club chose to raise money for Cancer Research?

Emily: Cancer Research is one of the charities that England Netball support. A few years back, one of our coaches was diagnosed with breast cancer; so we all also felt that it was appropriate to fundraise for them.

Why did you choose a bake sale as your fundraising event?

Charlotte White (Second year Physiology and Mathematics student and goalkeeper for the first team): A bake sale always goes down well, especially after a hard gym session! One of my teammates and I bake cakes at home, so most of the cakes for sale were homemade.

How much money do you hope to raise?

Emily: We don’t really have a goal. Anything we can raise will help Cancer Research, so, in essence, our target is to raise as much as possible!

Has the whole team been involved in the organisation of this event?

Kirstie Geary (Second year Sports Science student and goal shooter for the first team): Most of the Club has had some input into the fundraiser, whether it was baking cakes, promoting the event around university or being part of the rotation in selling the cakes today.

Has there been an increase in members of the Netball Club this year in comparison to previous years?

Charlotte: Yes, it was so competitive to make it into the squad this year! We have three separate teams but the main squad has already been selected. I think netball has increased in popularity this year because of the Active Students sessions for all abilities that are held on Monday nights. I have three study abroad students that had never heard of netball before and now they love it!

Do you have any more charity events planned for the near future?

Emily: We haven’t got anything planned as of yet. However we are hoping to host another fundraiser after the Christmas break.

If you are interested in getting involved with netball at the University of Hertfordshire or supporting the girls in competitions, then check out the Club’s Facebook page ‘University of Hertfordshire Netball Club’ and follow them on Twitter @UHNetball. Home matches are held at the Sports Village on Wednesday afternoons. See you there!

Images: Toni Robertson

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