My day at London Film and Comic Con Spring

[April Wilson | TV Director]

I love Comic Con. I love cosplays, seeing my favourite characters in real life (kind of), but I hate waking up; and for London Film and Comic Con Spring, I needed to get there early. Like, really early. All right, not that early, but when you run on as little sleep as I do it felt early, especially since it was a Saturday, it automatically felt ten times worse anyway, and I consoled myself with the fact that at least I was not going the Sunday as well. The croissant I bought helped, but for £1.90, my pocket was like, did it? Did it really help that much?

For those of you reading this wondering: “What is cosplay?” or, “What is a convention?” Let me help you out a bit.

Cosplay definition: “Costume Play”. Dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character (usually a sci-fi, comic book, or anime character).

harley quinn 2

Or, to put it in other terms, people who dress up on days it isn’t Halloween. For many cosplayers, it is not just a hobby, but a place where they have met some of their best friends and had some of their best memories. The place they make those memories is usually what is referred to as a “con”, or “convention”. A convention is a place where cosplayers, to put it quite simply, go to meet other cosplayers; meet the stars of their favourite TV shows, films and video games, and to gather all of the nerdy stuff in sight and then refuse to check their bank balance after the weekend.

The atmosphere at a con is almost always one of pure joy, and LFCC Spring was no exception. Smaller than a lot of cons I had been to, but with two floors, which was different (and confusing). I found that overall there are a lot of pros and cons to the smaller cons compared to the big ones.


You can negotiate the crowds mostly without being worried that you are going to be swallowed by a sea of people never to return.



Smaller crowds means less stalls, so less chance to spend your cash (which is probably a good thing) though I happen to want all the stuff!

zombie animals

However, there were still plenty of opportunities to buy things at LFCC Spring.

Things like cake…

Copy of cake

And cake! Need I say more?


At the smaller cons that I have been to, I have seen a lot more charity work going on; something I have never seen at the bigger cons. There’s something heartwarming about seeing people going around in cosplay to raise money for charity.


It was a hard bargain, but a little spare change later and I managed to negotiate for this picture. The Jawa also tried to steal my coat later on, I think someone took being in character just a little bit too far…


Smaller cons mean less cosplays. Not that there weren’t some awesome cosplays at LFCC Spring (see photos below), but compared to the bigger cons, you just want to scream at everyone who isn’t in cosplay at the smaller cons. Why won’t you cosplay for me? Why?

green lantern 2

So as you can see, there were still some spectacular cosplays, but I found myself a little bit homesick for the bigger con I usually go to, the MCM London Expo. Mainly because you can go outside there to take pictures, which is nice because y’know it means you get fresh air.

But I will say this about LFCC Spring; they have a lot more guests than MCM London Expo has. I mean, Nick Frost was in the building. I repeat: Nick Frost was in the building. My attempts to get a sneak peak were unfortunately foiled by my height, and the security guard may have made me move from my comfy spot while I was eating cake so people could line up for his photo ops. Despite this, I would like to stress that I was in the same building as Nick Frost – that has to count for something.

old luke

There was also a lot of guests from Star Wars: The Force Awakens  as well as guests from the original trilogy. Star Wars, without a doubt, is the con trend of this year. Like, seriously, every time I turned around I saw another lightsaber. I’m just glad I managed not to walk into one, or have one poke me in the eye.


So the con and my day were both smaller than I was used to and mostly consisted of just a lot of wandering around asking cosplayers if I could take photographs of them. Which isn’t that much different from normal con behaviour I guess.

Apart from an incident on the way home where some people decided it would be a good idea to play in one of the tunnels, which meant my train was delayed, I managed to get home. And it was nice to be home definitely feeling less tired than I would feel after a bigger con, but also a little bit less exhilarated as well. I guess unbearably large crowds have started to grow on me.

All images: April Wilson

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