Music Review: Metronomy – “Old Skool”

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Metronomy is back after the success of their album Love Letters which was released just over two years ago. They have come back with their latest single “Old Skool” ahead of their new album Summer08, which is expected to debut on the 1st of July. After being BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac’s hottest record in the world on the 11th of May, Metronomy dropped their video for “Old Skool” on 12th of May. The video is directed by Dawn Shadforth who has directed many videos for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Florence and the Machine!

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The video is set at a 70s house party hosted by an unwilling couple. During the video, we see Sharon Horgan travel through her night as a hostess to her weird and wonderful guests. Whilst the video is psychedelic and 70s-themed, it also has a lot of meaningful undertones of social anxiety and the fear of not being able to let go and be yourself. At the beginning of the video, Horgan’s character doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about hosting the party, but we see her become more confident with herself and, by the end of the video, we see her and the guests letting go and expressing themselves through interpretive dance.

The song itself is very catchy and synth-based, the song also features Mix Master Mike from the Beasties Boys, which helps give it a more electro dance vibe towards the end of the song. The song is more upbeat than their last single, “Reservoir”, which was released all the way back in 2014. The single gives us an idea as to what the new album will be like and suggests a quirkier, upbeat vibe than the previous albums.


The lyrics of the song suggest that Metronomy see life as just cycle of occurrences. The chorus: “You keep your friends, I’ll keep my friends / Have a party and go western / Make some money, make more money / With your new friends throw a party” imply that everybody in life does the same thing no matter what friends they have.

I felt that the way Metronomy sing about their friends suggests that they think of them as nothing more than just objects that everybody has. The video shows that Horgan’s character isn’t comfortable around her friends and feels that she doesn’t really need to present herself to them. “Old Skool” is an amazing track with deep and meaningful undertones; I would definitely recommend listening to it and the new album, Summer08, which is set to be released on the first of July!

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