Music Review: Beyonce – “Formation”

[Danielle Smith | Contributing Writer]

Beyonce Knowles, also known as the female leader of the music world, produced another smash hit song “Formation” on February 6th, 2016. Before official release, teasers of the new song “Formation” on the US hit television show, Ellen, caused weeks of buzz among her loyal fans. After minor hints – mainly on Instagram – it was surprising that she released her single without telling anyone about it. Although Beyonce achieves monetary gain through her song releases, the primary aim of this single was not about the money. It was actually being given away as a free download; some say this relates to the music video for her new hit single.

The new material from Queen Bey has sparked up some excitement from fans, to her closest family and friends, as it has been years since the album release of BEYONCE. The music video that comes along with “Formation” is one that is politically charged. The video shows queues relating to Beyonce’s family, fame and her heritage; some say that the “Formation” video represents Beyonce in all her glory, as she really is. Would we like to see more of this? Of course we would!

“Formation” shows Beyonce as empowered; she doesn’t care if you don’t like her song. Beyonce’s nonchalant attitude towards the “haters” and the paparazzi who have slated her for her choices and actions within the past can be seen as a silent middle finger.

As well as talking about herself, Beyonce also talks about where she comes from in the lyrics: “daddy Alabama, momma Louisiana”. She affirms that she is proud to come from the South, and this is also shown through her visual image of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Although the paparazzi say that she is trying to be too much like Rihanna, Beyonce clarifies: “I slay, OK, I slay”, which enables her to say, “it has taken hard work to get to the top of where I am, and no-one is going to knock me down now.” If you would like to see or hear more of Beyonce, then you are just in luck as she will be soon doing a worldwide tour starting in April, Ending in Brussels late July.

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