Mouthampton and Midlothian lead at the Mid-Point

[Kieran Burman | Contributing Writer]

Weeks three and four in League A saw Jägerbombs pick themselves up off of bottom spot and shoot above both Redbourn Reborn and Friendly Foxes, with notable performances by goalkeeper Mateusz Plazie and central midfield partnership Dan and Emilio. It’s also been a week that has seen much courageous out-the-box goalkeeping by both the Mouthampton goalkeeper and Dixie Normous stopper, Liam Rivers.

The past fortnight has also seen Nike Elites have the wind knocked out of their sail by last year’s overall champions as they look to contest that top spot in the league. Additionally, Dixie Normous have held on to 5th position in the table thanks to some inspired performances from box-to-box midfielder Idriss. More importantly as I said in commentary last week on the Recap Show, week 4 played host to title contenders Mouthampton, a team who were sat top of the league at the time separated by goal difference, play FC Royalty who were down in third with a win being enough to draw them level on points with the league leaders.

This was a toughly fought match, half-time was showing signs of the game ending a passionately disappointing 0-0. Solid performances from Darryl Smith, Jon Choi, Luke Durrant and Benny ensured that Mouthampton came away with a 3-0 victory and those vital 3 points in the bag. Mouthampton seem to be coasting at the top of the league, yet to be beaten, however one slip from them will open up the whole competition.

League B has been full of goals, slips and controversies in weeks 3 and 4. Herts of Midlothian are still running away with the league with stand out players, Lee Rix and Jordan Coleman, with a somewhat invisible captain, Alfie somebody, who has chipped in with a few goals himself. Hangover 96 suffered two losses in a row, however are still sat in 3rd place. They do however have contenders for Goal of the Semester and Miss of the Semester, with Jamie Williams’ goal against ManChestHair and Connor Hurst’s miss against Ball again Ballers.

Joe Beard is still their stand out player, with the centre-back proving useful at both ends of the pitch. 2 goals 1 Cup have climbed the table from a respectable 4th place to a competitive 2nd place and it seems as though they will now keep Herts of Midlothian looking over their shoulders. Their captain, now needs to rally the troops and keep them performing – it could be an interesting final game of the season.

Herts Army have proved to be the biggest flops of the Semester with a good group of individual players, including Captain Mario Lamaa, and target man Matt Flynn, however they are yet to grit together and work as team; with them holding the rest of the league on their shoulders.

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