“More land needed” to meet demand for secondary school places in Hertfordshire

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

Demands for secondary school places was only met by Hertfordshire authorities after two schools in St Albans increased their pupil intakes, according to a BBC news article.

The County Council has said they are working on a local plan to find new sites, along with the district council.

Conservative cabinet member for education, Terry Douris, has said authorities were “aware of the need for school places in the future” and “already planning”.

Terry Douris added that they were working with the City and District Council in St Albans on their local plan to find other sites to meet expected growths [of school places] by providing more schools in the area.

He added that: “The county council has created over 14.200 additional permanent and temporary primary and secondary school places since 202 but we are reliant on the land coming forward for educational sites to enable us to meet expected future demand”.

Hertfordshire County Council has said that 2007-8 saw a “bulge year” for births, leading to 460 additional applications for school places, compared to the last year.

A total of 189 pupils were not offered school places, as a result, during first rounds for allocations for these school places.

The second allocations saw duplicate results for places due to needs for a separate allocation process for Katherine Warrington School (built in Harpenden) was removed. Those children without school places were given one, while Samuel Ryder Academy then agreed they would admit 25 more pupils and an over-allocation was agreed to by Townsend School.

Mary Maynard, a Conservative and District Councillor for St Albans, and responsible for planning, has commented about a new Infrastructure Delivery Plan, which “already contains a provision for 14 new primary schools and three new secondary ones”.

“It is a fluid document that will constantly be assessed and updated in the years to come as it becomes clearer exactly what is needed”.

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