Mixed Netball Tournament in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign

[Imogen Wallis | Contributing Writer]

On the night of 26th February 2015, the De Havilland sports hall was full of the sound of cheers and laughter, as the atmosphere heated up for a friendly mixed netball tournament in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Organised by three second year ‘Sports Studies’ students, Clare, Holly and Emily the ladies decided to align with the England Netball team, whose members have been raising money for Cancer Research UK since 2010, as part of an event proposal for one of their modules.

With seven teams involved including the universities Hockey team, Cheerleaders the Sirens and BUCS league Netball team, a mixture of experts and beginners played for eight minutes a game to decide who the semi-finalists would be. But, most importantly who would be winning the free tickets to the Forum that were up for grabs.

The games went by quickly as the tension and pace rose, with the boys using their basketball skills to show off their bounce pass skills. However, there could only be one winner leaving teams ‘Victoria Secret’ and ‘BDCPVII’ to play for first place.

By the end of the tournament a stream of supporters had flooded in to watch the final game and cheer for their hopeful winners whilst the organisers sold sweets and ‘Race for Life’ merchandise.

The last game was made up of two six minute halves consisting of expert passing skills, plenty of goals and unfortunately one substitution due to an awkward fall.

As described by Siren member and final year Events Management student Victoria Keen, “The evening has been so much fun! I’d love to get involved in more sporting charity events however, I think the team and I need to better prepare for the next one if we have to play against the boys again!”

The night ended with team ‘BDCPVII’ taking first place and a total of ninety pounds raised for the charity.

“It has been a bit stressful but I am so glad it all fell into place. It gives us all great confidence for next week’s charity event,” said Emily, event organiser.

If you would like to get involved in raising money for Cancer Research UK visit www.cancerresearchuk.org.

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