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Being at university is amazing; especially when you make the most out of all it has to offer! Sean Howlett is a great example of how we university students can be the best we can be!

His role as the Volunteer & Societies Coordinator involves lots of exciting things, “Haha what doesn’t it entail!”, he laughs when he begins to tell us about what he gets up to on a daily basis.

“On a basic level, I’m here to help people find out about voluntary opportunities, participate in and run student-led projects and help with different societies’ events, money, bookings, membership, all the boring paperwork like Risk Assessments – yay!” Howlett jokes.

“I love it though,” he admits. He also works alongside the university’s very own Trident Media offering a helping hand to the team with everything from running induction sessions to copy editing this very newspaper!

“So basically I am the go-to person for the radio lot to come and nag,” he said.

From managing Fresher’s Fair, to website development, Howlett tells us, “I’ve been able to get involved in loads of things. Stuff that affects every student, like the #MarkMyWork campaign last year.”

Getting involved can be helpful in the long run, “Oh gosh.. Start early if you want to pursue a career.” Howlett was applying for jobs in his final year and he knows people who didn’t find it hard to find jobs at all. The skills you learn while getting involved in societies at university teaches you the great skills employers are looking for in prospective applicants.

It’s not always that easy, but seeking advice from the careers office or someone who really knows you will really help you whittle down your strengths so you can really focus on applications.

“If you’re going to join online CV sites like LinkedIn, make sure you commit to it,” said Howlett. “No one’s going to bother hiring you with something that’s half-arsed. Always ask for feedback; even if they don’t give you any, if you apply again they should be able to see that you’re inquisitive and want to better yourself.”

Having the confidence to take new challenges all the time is great, and you’ll learn a lot and improve greatly improve on your skills too, be careful though; “recognise your achievements but don’t make a song and dance about it. Watch what you say on Twitter! And a lot of luck is involved, so good luck!”

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