Meet Sarah Bennett: The new Societies & Media Coordinator

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The Students’ Union is full of marvelous and hardworking individuals. They form one unit for the sole purpose of making student life here at the University of Hertfordshire as enjoyable as possible. Amongst those individuals is Sarah Bennett, a great example of how students can make the most of their time at uni!

Sarah studied Television Production at Middlesex University, and became Vice President of Art, Design, Media and Performing Arts along the way. She represented all of the students who were part of those schools and campaigned for the changes they wanted. On top of being VP, Sarah also became Editor-In-Chief for the MDX Times and launched Middlesex Students’ Union TV. Luckily for us, Sarah is our new Societies and Media Coordinator, and enthusiastically explained to me what her role involves.

“My job means that I support societies in various ways. These can be by affiliating new societies, checking their finances, so they can do what they want throughout the year and just being there for help. It’s similar for media as I help organise training for them and help the committee provide for Trident Media throughout the year.”

When describing a typical day at the SU, Sarah commented: “I don’t know if I can describe a typical day, that’s one of the things I love about the Students’ Union, work every day is different.” Sarah joked: “Today for example I built some Lego towers and had a Freshers’ Angel give me a piggy back.” It was all part of their team building exercises, but she made it clear that serious work takes place as well: “We have loads of new committee members for societies, but they might not know how to go about running a society themselves, so I’m here to help them.”

Sarah also works alongside Trident Media and she lends a helping hand whenever she can. Grinning, she said, “I think Trident Media is great, in my role at Middlesex I always looked at other student media to see what they were doing and they have always been one of the first I’d search!” It was clear from Sarah’s responses that she is devoted to helping the societies and Trident Media reach their full potential.

In her spare time, Sarah loves to do her alternative fitness classes, which not only keep her busy, but healthy as well. “About a year and a half ago now I started doing pole fitness, aerial hoop classes and antigravity yoga.” Having the confidence to take new challenges is a wonderful thing, which Sarah has clearly mastered. She is hoping to enter a few competitions for her pole fitness in a few years.

If you would like to contact Sarah about help for your society, you can email her at: or visit for more information.

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