Match Review: UH Girls Lacrosse Team Win!

By Danielle Smith

The start of the new season could not be looking any brighter for the University of Hertfordshire girls Lacrosse team with a win of 17-4.

On Wednesday 17th October 2018 the UH girl’s lacrosse team played their opening match against last year’s winners Royal Holloway Girls. With only six training sessions pre-match and half the team only starting in September, the player’s skills have clearly shone through. The girls of UH started off on a high whim as within the first six minutes of the whistle blowing the first goal was scored by the Vice Captain, Hannah Gillings. From that first goal, the girl’s spirit could not be let down as goal after goal kept coming through.

Credit: Danielle Smith

“We are so going to win this!” was the phrase the Captain of the team, Charlotte Giles, kept saying, boosting morale throughout the game. The first well needed ¼ break came for both teams, in which they had time to hydrate and have an all-important team talk. After the break, the game started to slow down, with both teams becoming very defensive, and not one of the teams scoring. The now known ‘Man of the Match’, Aleasha Isted, then came through with three intercepts, ensuring that the Royal Holloway girls did not stand a chance. On the 57th minute of the game, the UH girls finally had some attack coming forward with four goals being scored in 11 minutes by Hannah Gillings and Charlotte Giles. The last ¼ break arrived, where the girls huddled in with that last-minute pep talk for the final minutes left of the game.

“I’ve never been a part of a team that’s so willing to give their all for each other”

Credit: Danielle Smith

The final 15 minutes of the game was one which became intense, with both teams raging for the last minute goals of the game. The match ended at 3:30 pm with the final score 17-4, and the UH girls celebrating with cheers and laughter. With high hopes for this season, let’s see what happens with their match on 24th October against Brunel University Women’s.

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